We are two designers who became frustrated with the lack of creativity and choice when looking for custom gift boxes. We are bored of seeing a standard square box with the usual ribbon, tissue paper etc etc, nothing new there! We also found we never had enough time to search and find the perfect gift for our friends and relatives. If only someone could combine the two - create thoughtfully curated gift sets in something more interesting than a boring box. That got us thinking.....! 

Giving gifts should be fun, right?!


So we put our heads together and came up with some creative and unique boxes and presentations (well we think so anyway!) To us, giving a gift should have some care and thought about it rather than the normal, we want people to remember and enjoy the experience of receiving their presents. The process of opening your gift box should be as enjoyable as receiving the contents!

We also strive to ensure our products are high quality and have sourced what we think are great products, no reason it can't be premium and fun! We are based in London and ship all over the UK.

At Sayhey Gifting we're all about having

fun with our gifts!


It is also really important for us that we are as environmentally thoughtful as possible. One of the great bonuses of creating beautiful cardboard boxes is its recyclable! We are making every step of our packaging process as environmentally conscious as possible. The void fill we use in outer boxes, looks like plastic right? But wait no, actually its corn starch which 100% biodegradable, it actually completely dissolves with water! We thought that was so cool! We use soy ink for our tissue paper and stickers, even the tape we use to seal our outer boxes is recyclable, as they say, every little bit helps!

We are also part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance which means every time time we purchase our tissue paper we get a tree planted, great right?!