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10 Perfect Gifts for Girlfriends, and Other Close Friends

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

When it comes to giving the perfect gift, there are a variety of options. You can buy a lot of

things on your own, but it’d be nice if someone took care of the rest for you. That’s why

we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gift ideas for girlfriends, and other close friends! From

chocolate to flowers, these gifts are sure to make any woman happy. So whether you’re

looking for unique gifts for your girlfriend or something practical for your best friend, this

list has it all!

Chocolate Girlfriend Gifts

Chocolate is always a great option for special occasion gifts. It’s easy to make, inexpensive,

and tastes delicious. There are so many ways to gift chocolate to your loved ones! You can

purchase a small bag of chocolates, or bulk order online if you want some variety. You can

also try these easy DIY flower gags to give your girlfriend a thoughtful and unique gift.

Simply place a small piece of flowers in a vase, and tie a piece of twine around the stem.

Next, place the flowers in the freezer, and let them thaw. When your girlfriend gets home,

she’ll be pleasantly surprised with a pretty bouquet!

Easy DIY Flower Gag Gift For Her

If your girlfriend loves flowers, but doesn’t like the typical flowers you buy at the grocery

store, try this DIY flower gag gift. Simply purchase a bunch of flowers, and use some twine

to tie the stems together. Next, place the flowers in a vase, and tie a simple piece of twine

around the stems. You can either leave the stems in the flowers, or remove them and give

your girlfriend a simple plant. This is such a thoughtful and cute gift for your girlfriend!

Charismatic Teapot Gifts For Your BFF

If your BFF is the type who can’t be quiet when she’s drinking her tea, or maybe you just

love to drink your tea with her, these charming teapot gifts for your girlfriend will make her

day! There are so many different options for these gifts, so don’t limit yourself to the

traditional designs! You can also purchase a cute little teapot, and turn it into a beautiful

charm bracelet. Simply thread the cotton cords through the holes in the bottom of the

teapot. You can always add charms and sayings if you want to personalize it even more!

Perfect Chocolate Gifts For A Girl-Friend

Chocolate is always a good choice for any occasion, and it’s a classic choice for gifts. You

can’t go wrong with chocolate! Whether you want to give her a small gift or a nice box of

chocolates, or even a few dozen, chocolate is the perfect choice. We love to make our own

chocolates, so we make sure to keep an eye out for new and unique ways to make our

chocolates more special. Here are a few ideas: Add a few pieces of shelled (or other) nuts to

the mix for a crunchy treat. Make it into a pie for a sweet dessert. Make it into cupcakes for a

more sweet treat. Finally, classic! Visit your local bakery, and get her a classic brownie.

Cute and Cozy Throw Blanket For Your Friend

If your friend loves to travel, and she’s always bringing home souvenirs from every country

she visits, this is the perfect gift for her. You can purchase a travel blanket on Amazon, or

any other travel website, and then find a few pretty designs to add to a throw pillow. Simply

add the photos of the destinations, the blanket, and a note to let your friend know why she’s

special. This makes a great housewarming or travel gift!

Surprise your Girlfriend With a New Phone!

We get that you don’t always want to buy your girlfriend gifts, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Her phone is probably more important to her than it is to you, so why not treat her to

something nice every so often? You can always use the gift card she purchased for you, or

any other gift card she may have, to purchase a new phone for her. If you don’t want to buy

a phone, there are tons of other thoughtful gifts you can buy for your girlfriend! Try these

out and see what other thoughtful gifts you can surprise her with!

So What Are You Waiting For?

There are so many thoughtful gifts for your girlfriends on this list, it’s hard to know where

to begin! From chocolate to travel blankets, there’s something for everyone on this list.

From small gifts to large, thoughtful ones, you’ve got everything on this list planned out. So

get to shopping, and find the perfect gift for your girl friend.

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